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BLAST Search

Execute BLAST search
Database type
ORF DB clone DB genome DB
(contig DB)
protein nucleotide nucleotide nucleotide
protein query blastp tblastn tblastn tblastn
nucleotide query blastx blastn blastn blastn
tblastx tblastx tblastx
A. oryzae S. cerevisiae A. oryzae
A. pernix S. tokodaii M. paludicola
P. horikoshii
K. setae R. opacus R. erythropolis
K. rhizophila A. missouriensis M. phosphovorus
C. efficiens S. avermitilis C. exile
A. thermophila A. platensis D. desulfuricans
S. haemolyticus S. aureus MW2 S. aureus N315
B. brevis T. halophilus O. valericigenes
G. aurantiaca A. pasteurianus A. multivorum
S. japonicum Sphingobium sp. D. magneticus
S. enterica
BLAST options
Filter T   F
open this section Additional parameters
Cost to open a gap [Integer]
Cost to extend a gap [Integer]
X dropoff value for gapped alignmentM [Integer]
Show GI's in deflines T   F
Penalty for a nucleotide mismatch (blastn only) [Integer]
Reward for a nucleotide match (blastn only) [Integer]
Number of one-line descriptions [Integer: Max 100]
Number of alignments to show [Integer: Max 50]
Threshold for extending hits [Integer]
Perfom gapped alignment (not available with tblastx) T   F
Query Genetic code to use [Integer]
DB Genetic code (tblast[nx] only) [Integer]
Believe the query defline T   F
MegaBlast search T   F
Length of the largest intron allow in tblastn for linking HSPs
(0 disables linking)