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594open this section  1. Aglycon biosynthesis
417open this section  1.1 PKS
61open this section  1.2 NRPS
5open this section  1.3 PKS/NRPS hybrid
111open this section  1.4 Other
625open this section  2. Biosynthesis, modification and addition of aglycon units and moiety
169open this section  2.1 modification addition of extender units
87open this section  2.2 modification addition of starter unit
369open this section  2.3 modification addition of sugar moiety
546open this section  3. Modification
30open this section  3.1 modification hydroxylation
72open this section  3.2 modification methylation
240open this section  3.3 modification reduction
204open this section  3.4 other modification
441open this section  4. Other function
236open this section  4.1 transcriptional regulator
3open this section  4.2 translation
138open this section  4.3 transport
42open this section  4.4 resistance
16open this section  4.5 electron carrier
6open this section  4.6 biosynthesis of butyrolactone
818open this section  5. Putative and unknown function
317open this section  5.1 general function
50open this section  5.2 function unknown
29open this section  5.3 uncharacterized protein (biosynthesis involved)
422open this section  5.4 hypothetical protein