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Cluster information : Alnumycin

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Entry nameAlnumycin
PKS TypeTypeII
Starter Unitbutyryl-ACP
Chain Length8
Sugar Unitnone
Benzoisochromanequinone (BIQ)-related
Gyrase inhibitory
Topoisomerase inhibitory

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Characterization of the alnumycin gene cluster reveals unusual gene products for pyran ring formation and dioxan biosynthesis.
Oja T, Palmu K, Lehmussola H, Lepparanta O, Hannikainen K, Niemi J, Mantsala P, Metsa-Ketela M
[PMID: 18940666]Chem Biol. 15 (2008) 1046-57
Ketosynthase III as a gateway to engineering the biosynthesis of antitumoral benastatin derivatives.
Xu Z, Metsa-Ketela M, Hertweck C
[PMID: 19047004]J Biotechnol. 140 (2009) 107-13
Characterization of the two-component monooxygenase system AlnT/AlnH reveals early timing of quinone formation in alnumycin biosynthesis.
Grocholski T, Oja T, Humphrey L, Mantsala P, Niemi J, Metsa-Ketela M
[PMID: 22467789]J Bacteriol. 194 (2012) 2829-36
Biosynthetic pathway toward carbohydrate-like moieties of alnumycins contains unusual steps for C-C bond formation and cleavage.
Oja T, Klika KD, Appassamy L, Sinkkonen J, Mantsala P, Niemi J, Metsa-Ketela M
[PMID: 22474343]Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109 (2012) 6024-9
Structural basis for C-ribosylation in the alnumycin A biosynthetic pathway.
Oja T, Niiranen L, Sandalova T, Klika KD, Niemi J, Mantsala P, Schneider G, Metsa-Ketela M
[PMID: 23297194]Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110 (2013) 1291-6
Biosynthetic conclusions from the functional dissection of oxygenases for biosynthesis of actinorhodin and related streptomyces antibiotics.
Taguchi T, Yabe M, Odaki H, Shinozaki M, Metsa-Ketela M, Arai T, Okamoto S, Ichinose K
[PMID: 23601640]Chem Biol. 20 (2013) 510-20
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of novel C-ribosylated naphthoquinones.
Blauenburg B, Oja T, Klika KD, Metsa-Ketela M
[PMID: 24015959]ACS Chem Biol. 8 (2013) 2377-82
Molecular evolution of the bacterial pseudouridine-5'-phosphate glycosidase protein family.
Thapa K, Oja T, Metsa-Ketela M
[PMID: 25081867]FEBS J. 281 (2014) 4439-49

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