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Cluster information : Calicheamicin

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Entry nameCalicheamicin
Moiety descriptionA: enediyne core
B: orsellinic acid moiety
PKS TypeA: TypeI iterative
B: TypeI iterative
Starter UnitA: acetyl-CoA
B: acetyl-CoA
Chain LengthA: 8
B: 4
Sugar Unit3-methoxy-L-rhamnose
Compositionγ1I: C55H74IN3O21S4

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StrainNRRL 15839
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1 acetyl-CoA
1 acetyl-CoA

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Han L, Singh S, Thorson JS, Phillips GN Jr
[PMID: 26958582]Struct Dyn. 3 (2016) 012004

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