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Cluster information : Pikromycin

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Entry namePikromycin
PKS TypeTypeI modular
Starter Unitmethylmalonyl-CoA
Chain Length7
Sugar Unitdesosamine

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StrainATCC 15439

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0 methylmalonyl-CoA
1 methylmalonyl-CoA
2 malonyl-CoA
3 methylmalonyl-CoA
4 methylmalonyl-CoA
5 methylmalonyl-CoA
6 methylmalonyl-CoA

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Tripathi A, Choi SS, Sherman DH, Kim ES
[PMID: 27277081]J Ind Microbiol Biotechnol. 43 (2016) 1189-93

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coding regions
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coding sequences
List of genes/ORFsGBK
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