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Cluster information : R1128

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Entry nameR1128
PKS TypeTypeII
Starter UnitR1128 A: butyryl-ACP
R1128 B: pentanoyl-ACP
R1128 C: isohexanoyl-ACP
R1128 D: hexanoyl-ACP
Chain Length8
Sugar Unitnone
ActivityEstrogen receptor antagonist
CompositionR1128 A: C17H14O5
R1128 B: C18H16O5
R1128 C: C19H18O5
R1128 D: C19H18O5

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Cloning, nucleotide sequence, and heterologous expression of the biosynthetic gene cluster for R1128, a non-steroidal estrogen receptor antagonist. Insights into an unusual priming mechanism.
Marti T, Hu Z, Pohl NL, Shah AN, Khosla C
[PMID: 10931852]J Biol Chem. 275 (2000) 33443-8
In vitro reconstitution and analysis of the chain initiating enzymes of the R1128 polyketide synthase.
Meadows ES, Khosla C
[PMID: 11732905]Biochemistry. 40 (2001) 14855-61
Ketosynthases in the initiation and elongation modules of aromatic polyketide synthases have orthogonal acyl carrier protein specificity.
Tang Y, Lee TS, Kobayashi S, Khosla C
[PMID: 12767243]Biochemistry. 42 (2003) 6588-95
The acyltransferase homologue from the initiation module of the R1128 polyketide synthase is an acyl-ACP thioesterase that edits acetyl primer units.
Tang Y, Koppisch AT, Khosla C
[PMID: 15260498]Biochemistry. 43 (2004) 9546-55
Biosynthesis of aromatic polyketides in bacteria.
Das A, Khosla C
[PMID: 19292437]Acc Chem Res. 42 (2009) 631-9
Structural and biochemical characterization of ZhuI aromatase/cyclase from the R1128 polyketide pathway.
Ames BD, Lee MY, Moody C, Zhang W, Tang Y, Tsai SC
[PMID: 21870821]Biochemistry. 50 (2011) 8392-406

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