Gene cluster general information
Main part of this database. Comprehensive resource of secondary metabolites biosynthesis gene clusters.
Cluster information Help
Contains compound information, organism source, reconstituted gene cluster map, related references and assigned domains.
CDS list Help
Contains organism source, original genbank entries, curated annotations, inference literatures and assigned domains.
Advanced search
Search menus to retrieve genetic information from the aspects of annotation, domain composition and homology.
Text search Help
Searches against compound related information, CDS annotations, literatures and producing bacterial information.
Module search Help
Domain composition search against PKS/NRPS genes catalogued in this database.
BLAST search Help
Homology search (NCBI BLAST) against gene clusters, assigned genes or assigned domains.
KS seq Analysis
Ketosynthase (KS) and adenylation (A) domain sequence repository amplified from NBRC strains and NBDC strains.
Taxonomic list Help
Phylogenic view of amplified KS/A domain sequences based on original strains.
Novelty chart Help
Number and Novelty of KS and A domains in each strain Diagram of amplified KS/A domain sequence novelty based on similarity to known sequences.
BLAST search Help
Homology search (NCBI BLAST) against KS and/or A domain sequences amplified by PCR.
Other menus for helping users to easily retrieve information.
Category list Help
The list of all genes catalogued in this database based on their biological roles.
Get sequence Help
Retrieve nucleotide/amino acid sequences catalogued in this database.
Data download Help
Distribution of whole nucleotide sequences, CDS sequences, curated annotations and genbank files.
Other additional contents about this database.
Frequently asked questions about this database.
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